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The following offers apply to all international tours. Traveling closer to home? Check out our deals for tours of the U.S. & Canada.

Looking for financial assistance? In addition to these promotions, we offer financial assistance, personal fundraising pages, and other resources for you and your group. Visit our affordability page to learn more.

$50 enrollment

Your participants can enroll on any tour for just $50 when they sign up for one of our automated monthly payment plans. There are no hidden fees for using this service—just a simplified way to pay.

Seasonal discounts

Looking for ways to save? Throughout the year, Explorica offers valuable discounts that help reduce the tour fee for your students. Contact us to find out about current opportunities.

Deals for tours departing in 2019

Double rewards points

Create any 2019 international tour and receive twice the Travel Points for every participant who enrolls on your tour. 

Guarantee your tour and date with 18

An Explorica exclusive: For a limited time, when you create any 2019 international tour and enroll just 18 participants, we'll guarantee to run the tour you choose on the dates you want.

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To learn more about these and other exclusive offers, call 1.888.310.7120 to speak with an experienced Program Consultant.
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