Instant Tour Customizer

The Instant Tour Customizer (ITC) is the travel industry’s first and only online tool that allows teachers to easily create a one-of-kind and fully customized educational tour for their students.

With the Instant Tour Customizer’s drag-and-drop feature teachers can choose which activities their group participates in each day, allowing them to control the price, the pace, and the degree of personalization for their Private Tour. Teachers are also able to upgrade their group’s hotels and dinners all at once, or choose to upgrade only on specific days, and instantly see the changes in tour price.

New Ways to 'Make it Your Own'

  • Filter activities by theme or subject: you can now easily focus your entire tour (or just a single day) around a theme or subject of your choice.
Add museum visits in France to make your tour art-focused, more themed meals in Italy to truly get a taste of Italian culture, or added walking tours of London to further explore this city’s rich history.

Available subjects and themes: History, Arts + Music, Experiential, Local Cuisine & Science

  • Add full day excursions from popular cities like London, Paris and Rome to explore even more of your tour’s destination—all at a low cost and within a single day.
Take an extra day from London to experience the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Canterbury, or from Paris to see the majestic chateaux of the Loire Valley, or from Rome to the ruins of the ancient city of Ostia Antica.

  • Customize added days: Instantly add days to your selected itinerary and customize by activities, accommodations and more.
Just know that whatever days you choose to add, you have the choice to instantly customize them.

Watch The How-To Video

Learn more about the Instant Tour Customizer’s amazing benefits and features by watching this entertaining and instructional video. Rich Beekman, our Director of Product Development, walks teachers through how to use the Instant Tour Customizer to personalize their tour itinerary to create the ideal tour experience for participants.

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