Explorica advantages

As North America’s largest and most trusted educational travel provider, we help more than 400,000 students and their teachers experience new cultures, languages and people in over 75 countries every year. We have the knowledge and resources to provide a safe, fulfilling and truly life-changing travel experience for your child.

Authentic educational experiences
Educational travel is more than just sightseeing. We help students truly experience new cultures through personal interactions, hands-on activities, authentic meals and awe-inspiring moments.
Experiential learning
It's not just the exposure to new places that changes students' lives, but also the kind of experience they have during that exposure. That's why we work with teachers to build customized itineraries that meet their specific educational goals and always incorporate interactive activities proven to help students genuinely connect with and retain their experiences.
Cultural immersion
At Explorica, students don't just visit new cultures; they are an active participant in them. Whether it’s learning classic French culinary techniques in a cooking class in Paris, getting your hands dirty making a charcoal drawing in Italy, or digging into organopónicos (urban organic farming) in Cuba, our itineraries go behind the landmarks and uncover the rich subtleties of each destination's long and storied history.
Academic credit
Our commitment to learning is recognized by accrediting bodies across the nation and leading colleges and universities. We are a fully accredited educational institution just like your school, so middle and high school students traveling with Explorica on an international itinerary can earn free high school credit for their tour experiences. And we partner with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) so high school students have the opportunity to earn college credit, too.
Safety and security
At Explorica, the safety of our travelers is our top priority. We’re proud of our exceptional safety record, and we have systems in place at all levels of our operations to make sure it stays that way. From our rigorous safety checks to our comprehensive site visits, we take every possible precaution to ensure a safe and worry-free experience for all participants.
Industry-best tour directors
Every Explorica tour is led by an experienced, professional Explorica tour director who guides the group every step of the way. They live and work in the destinations our tours visit, and they’re fluent in the local languages and customs. Tour directors watch out for the group, advising students on how to ensure their personal safety and the safety of their belongings at all times. They are thoroughly trained to handle any situation that may arise, and our operations team maintains regular contact to provide up-to-date information on local conditions. The tour director also maintains a daily Tour Diary, so parents and friends can follow along with their child on tour.
24/7 emergency support
We operate a dedicated, 24/7 emergency contact line to assist our groups and their families with any problem, anywhere, at any time. And with 45 operation centres across six continents and representatives in every country we travel to, we’re ready to be there in person when needed.
Comprehensive coverage
To protect your child and your investment, we offer your choice of two trusted insurance plans through Trip Mate. Both plans offer a cash refund, not just credit for a future trip like many other companies provide. And, as a member of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), your investment with Explorica is protected by USTOA’s $1 Million Travelers’ Assistance Program.
Financial resources
We believe that all students should have the opportunity to experience the world, so we do everything we can to make our tours financially accessible to all families.
Monthly payment plans
We offer easy, automated plans that allow you to spread out your payments across the months leading up to your tour. Register early for a low monthly payment!
Financial assistance
We offer need-based financial assistance to qualifying families. To learn more and find out if you qualify, call 1.888.310.7121.
Fundraising pages
We give every student their own fundraising page on explorica.com. With an average donation of $100, students can easily raise significant funds for their tour.
Explorica tours provide the best value in the industry. We provide excellent tour components, like top-quality hotels, authentic meals and enriching activities, at the guaranteed best prices in educational travel.
Fully inclusive tours
All Explorica tours are fully inclusive, meaning we provide everything you need for a remarkable trip: flights, hotels, meals, transportation, entrance fees to attractions, guided sightseeing tours and more. We believe travelers should be able to experience everything they came to expect, without being faced with additional costs.
Superior quality inclusions
While standard inclusions like meals and hotels may appear comparable across leading tour operators, Explorica gives you more for your dollar. Hotels closer to city centers, better meals and more authentic activities are just a few of the ways Explorica provides the best travel experience for your child.
Explorica Students on Ireland Coast

Explorica offers parents the most and best for the money, kids the trip of a lifetime, and teachers the easiest, most hassle-free way to travel with students.
- Jana W., English Teacher, Celina, TX